Project Description

Access to Justice through Community Legal Service

Name of the Project : Access to Justice through Community Legal Service

Objective:To establish CLS in areas that have yet to be exposed to interventions aimed at improving the formal or informal justice system.
To build the capacity of the target communities to demand and deliver justice.

Duration of the project : April 2013 to March 2017

The target groups/beneficiaries : The primary target groups are the inhabitants of the poverty stricken areas that have yet to receive CLS, especially women, children, minorities, and the marginalized. They will benefit by understanding their rights and being able to access justice.

The secondary target groups are partner NGOs, UP representatives, other community leaders, members of the government, panel lawyers, journalists, and religious leaders. They will benefit by better meeting the needs of the people they represent, thus increasing confidence in their job performance.

Output-1: Awareness raising programs on relevant laws and rights: The project organizes Workshop for CBO members, and Community people. They are provided with the basic knowledge on Mediation, Village Courts and Arbitration Council. Besides, Rally, Courtyard Meeting, CBO Meeting and Street Drama also contribute greatly for the dissemination of project activities as well as objectives.

Output-2 : Access to legal services increased through mediation, village courts and legal aid among vulnerable groups/ community peoples: The project works to pave the way to access to justice for all citizens irrespective of class, caste, religion etc. The project tries its utmost to resolve disputes locally adopting Mediation (by following Madaripur Mediation Model), Village Courts and Arbitration Council. The project also provides court case support, medical support to Victims / Clients, travel support to victims/ clients and collect case evidence of Court Case.

Output-3 : Accountability of duty bearers towards vulnerable groups increased to ensure their legal rights: The project organizes trainings for duty bearers to increase their accountability towards the project activities. The trainings are: Basic and Refresher Training for CBO Members on Mediation & necessary laws, Basic and Refresher Training for UP Representatives, UP Staffs and Project Staffs: on Village Court, Arbitration Council, Mediation & necessary laws. With a view to building good working relationship and ensuring cooperation with Union parisad, the project holds advocacy meeting with DLAC and Coordination Meeting with UZLAC, UPLAC for providing legal services. There are also programs like, Sensitization Workshops on community legal service to find out the gaps and limitation on CLS with different stakeholders including local administration.

Output-4 : Increased Knowledge on Human rights for religious leaders to reduce radicalism: The project organizes Workshop on Human Rights and relevant laws, for Madrasha Students, Imam, religious leader & Madrasha teachers and Marriage Register. Here the participants are provided with the basic information of human rights, relevant laws and the present scenario of human rights in Bangladeshi context.

Output-5 : Monitoring and Other Activities: The project activities are regularly monitored by a monitoring cell for achieving the goals and objectives of the project. To find out the exact situation of the working area the project has conduct a baseline survey. To coordinate the field and central level activities coordination meetings are held on monthly basis.

Total budget : BDT 14,66,47,662

Finance & Support by : Community Legal Services (CLS) is a Department for International Development (DFID), UK supported project to be implemented by a consortium consisting of Maxwell Stamp PLC, as principal contractor, and the British Council and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), (UK), as partners.