Project Description

Name of the project: Action to Protect Rights of Women and Girls.


Bangladesh has made significant progress in women’s empowerment and gender issues, nevertheless patriarchal values, social norms and women’s inability to access in Rights to Information and Justice have made them quite vulnerable. Women and girls face discrimination in their life-course specifically accessing in educational and economic opportunities, health, free-movement, legal services, raising their voice & participating in decision-making. Therefore, VAWG has remained one of the gravest threats to overall development and progress of the country. In this context, the Government of Bangladesh, national and international organizations are working together finding out the root cause and eliminate the barriers. Over the last four decades, the organization has been fighting against such discrimination, inequalities and gender-based violence and advocates to promote & protect women and child rights. From the experience of previous work and contextual realities, it is perceived that there needs much concentration on women & girl’s skill development, active involvement in political, social and economic development which ultimately contribute to the 7th Five years plan of Government and associated Goals of SDG.


Reduced violence against women and girls through strengthen gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.


  1. Access to medical and legal services for violence victims ensured.
  2. Reduced violence incidence against women and girls.
  3. Increased women involvement in income generating activities
  4. Problems of women related laws are identified and women effectively advocated to reform that particular law.

Name of sub-partners

  1. Dipti Foundation, Jessore
  2. ManabKallyanParishad (MKP), Thakurgaon
  3. Center for Rights and Development-CRD, Panchagarh;

Project locations:

District:  Jessore-Upazila: Jhikargachha: Jhikargachha & Gothkhali Union, Upazila Manirampur: Vhojgati & Rohita Union

District: Thakurgaon-Upazilla: Thakurgaon Sadar: Raipur & Chilarong Union, Upazila Baliadangi: Duosuo & Charol Union

District: Panchagarh, Upazila: Panchagarh Sadar: Dhakamara & Kamat Kajol Dhighi Union, Upazila Boda: Boda & Bengharee Union

Project costs:
Total budget of the project Amount requested from MJF (BDT) 41,960,225

Major Stakeholders
Govt. Officials (Women’s & Child Affairs, District Information, Social Welfare, Dept. of Youth Development), Elected representatives, Doctors, Lawyers, IGA providers, journalists, housewives, Women leaders, Social Elite, rights based NGOs, School Management Committee, Student, youth group, Marriage Registrars, service seekers etc.

Project Activities:

 Output 01: Awareness on women & girls rights increased among community and men & boys are taking initiative to prevent VAWG.

 Major Activities: Formation of RDG, Workshop and meeting with RDG and men &boys, Courtyard meeting, Gomvira/Folk song, Campaign, home visit, Formation SCG, workshop with SCG, Training on Reproductive health, Meeting with SMC and Teachers &Publication.

Output 02: Increased sensitivity of duty bearers of public institutions to provide effective services.

 Major Activities: Staff training, Training on ADR, Network meeting with service providers, Activate WCPC, Activate UPLAC, workshop with MR, Dialogue with Service Providers and Community, Referral.

Output 03: Women are skilled on different IGA and take decision on their income utilization.

 Major Activities: Meeting with IGA organization, Linkage with IGA institution, Training on IGA, Revolving fund for IGA support to beneficiaries.

Output 04: Knowledge and skill of women increased for advocacy to reform particular law (Market rate of Denmohor).

 Major Activities: Workshop with relevant org, Study, Workshop on Study, Advocacy workshop on study findings, Seminar at National level.

Output 05: Other Activities

Baseline survey on VAW/ Situation of Women and Girls in Family & Society, Gender Audit, Day-long Gender Training, Day-long Leadership and Skill Development Training for Advance Women, Coordination meeting with local civil society/ govt. non partners, School Session (essay/poster competition), Evaluation.

Donner: Manusher Jonno Foundation

 Project Period: January 2019 to December 2021