Training & Resource Centre

MLAA_Training-CenterAn organization is known for its quality of services that are being provided to target groups. But quality and effectiveness of services depend largely upon efficiency of service providers of different levels. In fact, good products that organization sell is a gift of skill and knowledge. Needless to say that skill and knowledge do not occur automatically. For that effective orientation is essential. That is where training and learning from the field experience come into play. As such, MLAA considers trainings so important for its staff members and various target groups. Thus, training services is a major component of MLAA’s programme.   As a result of which Training and Resource Centre (TARC) has been established in the year 1993.

MLAA_Training-Center2The Training and Resource Center (TARC) is situated in its own premises at Panichattra, Madaripur. The academy building of the TARC is a two-storied modern building specially designed for training purposes with spacious classrooms, conference room and a rich library. All trainings are residential. There are two dormitories in the campus with accommodation for 60 trainees.

Citation on TARC of MLAA

The renowned writer of Bengoli literature Sunil Gangopadhyay remarked in “Mati O Manusher Taney” on the TARC of MLAA while visiting Madaripur. He honored us staying at the dormitory of TARC.

Another venerable writer Akbar Kabir cited about the TARC-MLAA in his autobiographical composition “Atmakotha”.