Arbitration Council

Arbitration Council sustained family of Hasina

Absurd remarks or incidents often appear with disparaging realities and there are profound evidences of those we observe around us. Hasina Begum and Abdul Hamid’s marital life also fell under threat for such pointless things. The family was about to split but finally it survived with the effort of the Arbitration Council Board of the Union Parishad (UP) and Madaripur Legal Aid Association.

Ten years ago, Hasina Begum (20), daughter of Cherag Ali Mollah, was married to Abdul Hamid (44), a man of Purbo Sonamukhi village of Rudrokar Union of Sadar sub-division under Shariatpur district and son of Abdul Hashem. Hamid is the eldest of his other one sister and one brother. He studied up to class five. Later on, he left for Dhaka and started working as a garments worker. On the other hand, Hasina has other two sisters and a brother. She is second among them. She also joined in a garments factory to support the family. The family expanded after the birth of a son and a daughter.

Abdul Hamid often grumbled out at his wife’s bitter treatment and non-Islamic life style. She paid little care to that. Repeated clash widened the distance between them. At one stage, Hasina left for her father’s house. On the other side, Hamid’s relatives instigated him to divorce her. Likewise, on 09 June 2014, he sent a divorce letter to Hasina. The Chairman of Rudrokar Union received the letter on 02 July 2014 which was registered as per procedure; Regis. No. 20/14, Nature: Divorce.

On 2nd July 2014 the UP Chairman issued notice ordering the parties to nominate their representatives to form the Arbitration Council, The parties failed the dateline. The UP once more issued notice asking them to do the same. In accordance with that, Abdul Hamid nominated Abdul Gani Talukder, an inhabitant of the same village; Hasina put forward Ms. Parul Begum as her representative.

The date 1st September 2014 was fixed for Council’s session. The three-member Arbitration Council board let the parties to explain their stands; scrutinized the statements and tried to understand the parties view. Then the UP Chair made a detailed brief to the audience quoting minutes from Muslim Marriage Law. The board also emphasized on the negative effect of divorce the necessity of leading a peaceful life practicing patience, sacrifice and respect to each other. They also reminded them the existing social value. Realizing their limitations, the husband and wife were penitent and wished to restart their life together.

The dispute ended with the conditions that, they would continue their family life as husband & wife, Hamid would bear the maintenance of his wife and give a written letter to the marriage registry office to withdraw the divorce.

The issue was followed up and was found that they were continuing their family life at ease.