Project Description

Access to Justice and Human Rights Extension

Title of the Project : Access to Justice and Human Rights

Project Goal : A just society where rule of law and human rights of vulnerable groups are upheld.

Project Objective : Increase access to justice to empower disadvantaged people, particularly women.


The target groups/beneficiaries:
Primary: Village People, especially women
Secondary: Women leaders, CBO Members, Village elites, , UP Chairman, Secretary, Female & Male Members, Choukider & Dafader, GOB Official, Journalist,  Lawyers,  & Advocate Clerks, NGO Workers, MLAA staff.
Advocacy and Policy: As a part of advocacy and policy reform, the project conducts study on procedural complicacy on different laws. Significant decisions come out from this program. What is more, the programs, such as, workshops, seminar and sharing meeting; contribute greatly for better implementation of the project activities and finding the barriers. The international days (Human Rights Day, Women’s day and Child Rights Day) are observed with due significance.

Awareness raising and Capacity Building of stakeholders: The project organizes coordination meeting and experience Sharing Meeting with the participation of Social Elites, Union CBO Members& UP Representative & others on Arbitration Council, Village Court & Mediation as per plan. Rally, Campaigning and Street Drama involve a large number of community people and introduce them with the project. The Madrasha Teachers & Students are also kept in touch with the project organizing Workshop on Human Rights & Family Law.

Access to Justice in formal and informal system: The project’s ultimate aim is to work for the destitute resolving dispute through VC, AC and Mediation. This does not end here. It also ensure follow-up of Pending and Disposed Cases, shares the experience in meeting with Court Case Clients and organizes workshop & meeting with Advocates’ Clerks.

Training, Staff Development & Monitoring: To enhance to capacity of the duty bearers and the stakeholders, the project organizes training for various level. The available trainings are: TOT for MLAA’s Field level staff, Basic & Refreshers training on VC & AC, Mediation, laws, Documentation for Union Organizers, Basic & Refreshers training for UP rep. on AC, VC and Mediation Laws, Basic & Refreshers Training for Central CBO Members on VC, AC, Mediation & Law, TOT on Human Rights and Family Laws for Madrasha Teachers & Students, Training on Gender and other. The project also offers technical assistance to other Right Based organizations through Training on AC, VC & MMM, training on Human Right and Fact finding training on Human Right Violations. All the programs are monitored and evaluated adopting monitoring tools, techniques and methods of MLAA.