Village Courts

Village Court compensated BDT. 40,000/- toShawkat Ali

Mohammad Sawkat Ali (65), a peasant of Bhuianpara of Chandradigholia Union of Gopalganj district, earns his bread doing hard labor in his farm and leads quite a solvent life. Every year he makes some capital selling crops. The conflict arose in regard to a business dealing with his fellowman, Mohammad AzizulBhuian, who is a legume (beans/pulse) trader.

In that harvesting season, Sawkat produced 40 mound of legume from his field. Azizul purchased those and promised to pay the amount, BDT. 40,000/-, within one month. On the scheduled day, Sawkat contacted Azizul, but he showed various excuse and expressed his inability to pay him shortly. He explained that he had not got bill from other tradesmen. This breach of commitment and also the delay made Sawkat worried which led him knocking the influential persons of the community; however, all his attempts went vain. Later on he learnt about Madaripur Legal Aid Association, contacted with the Union Organizer, Ms. Mahbuba Khanom, and asserted the misdeeds Azizul incurred upon him. On that day, 20th April, 2015, Sawkat filed a case against Azizul. The case number was 12/15 and nature of the case was Criminal.

Accepting his application, the Union Parishad (UP) Chairman, Mr. B. M. Obaydul  Rahman, summoned the opponent asking to be present on 27th April, 2015. The petitioner was also informed about the day. As per issued notice, the parties went to the UP and they were ordered to nominate their representatives within 10th May, 2015. After getting the nomination from both parties the Chair of Village Court (VC) fixed the hearing date and accordingly informed both parties. On the scheduled day, 19th May 2015, the Village Court (VC) session started in time. The panel judges of VC heard the statement of the parties and their witnesses. Finally, they found evidence of perfidy in Azizul’s acts.

The court unanimously reached to decision that, the respondent, Azizul would pay full amount by 15 days through Union Parishad and the order of the court was obeyed accordingly.

“Where there was no gleam of hope to secure his rightful demand”, Sawkat Ali stated, “Village Court of Union Parishad rewarded him with the just decision. He also added that, I say my special thanks to Madaripur Legal Aid Association in regard to their positive attitude to clients and supportive approach.”