Separation ensued at BDT. 3,75,000/-

Rinku got a new life

Rinku Pal (25) and Sunder Pal (35) were passing their marital life happily. However, inconsistency arouse when she, Rinku Pal, was not welcomed by her mother-in-law. This disharmony continued for several years and, finally, they chose separation as ultimate resolution.

In therir family, Rinku Pal, daughter of Shyam Sunder Bir of Village & Union: Mohishar of Vedorganj sub-division of Shariatpur district, witnessed stern poverty from her childhood. She was the eldest of her three sisters and had two other brothers. Her education stopped at class-X. At that age she was got married to Sunder Pal, son of Shohodev Pal of Tekerhut under Khoajpur Union.Sunder also studied up to class – X and a goldsmith by profession although their family earns from pottery made out of clay.

Rinku often had to tolerate bitter treatment and bullying from her mother-in-law. The in-law rebuked Rinku at any silly excuse and denounced uncompromisingly for her (R) father’s financial deficiency. Sunder lived in Dhaka. While he came home, the in-law resisted them to stay even speak together. Moreover, if any guest visited the house, she introduced Rinku as their maid. Her husband, Sunder, tortured her if she raised her voice against those. In the meantime, Rinku’s husband planned to expand his business and forced Rinkuto bring BDT. 5,00,000/- from her father. She gave details to her father and left her husband’s house. Days passed but she received no response from her in-laws house.

Mr. Nurul Islam Sarder, a Union Parishad (UP) member of Mohishar advised her to make a complaint against them to the Union Organizer, Hosne Ara, of Madaripur Legal Aid Association. On 24 December 2014 she filed a complaint against the Pals which bore regis. No. 43/07

The date 04/01/2015 was set for mediation. The parties, social elites, Community Based Organization (CBO) member were invited and requested to be present in time.On that day Mr. Nurul Islam Sarder, UP member of Ward no. 01, presided over the mediation session. After a prolonged discussion it appeared that, considering the past inconsistency in their relation, Rinku Pal was not eager to continue the family life with Sunder Pal any more.

The parties agreed in the conditions that, the respondents would pay BDT.3,75,000/- to Rinku; they would end up their marital relationship and would not claim anything in future.

“I’m feeling relieved. I can’t explain how suffocating life I had to pass in my in-law’s house.” Rinku stated while followed up. She has deposited the money in a bank. She expressed her gratitude to Madaripur Legal Aid Association.