Activating Village Court in BangladeshTitle of the project

Activating Village Court in Bangladesh

Objectives: The development objective of the project is to improved access to justice of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially women.
Project Objectives:

  • Improved access to justice of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially, women.
  • Increased capacity and developed skill of the duty bearers and stakeholders
  • UP are strengthened for enabling to activate VC according to law and procedure
  • Mass people are aware and empowered on VC and Mediation
  • Mobilized and sensitized relevant stakeholders with regards to advocacy and communication.

1st phase 01 September 2010 to 30 August 2013
1st phase (ext period) : 01st September 2013 to 30th November 2015

Project Area (in brief): Districts : 4, Upazillas : 22 and Unions : 136

The target groups/beneficiaries:
Primary : Disadvantaged people especially, women and children.
Secondary : Women leaders, CBO Members, Village elites UP Chairman, Secretary, Female & Male Members, community leaders, Village Police (Choukider & Dafader), Religious leaders and Imam, Youth group of the community, GOB Official, Judges, Lawyers, officials of LGD & LGRD,  Project  staff and mass peoples.

Project Outputs :
Output-1 : Capacity building of the duty bearer and stakeholder: To ensure qualitative and effective outcome, the project undertakes capacity building training for different level stakeholders and duty bearers. The project arranges Basic & Refresher course for UP Workers and Supervisors, UP Representative, UP Staff and CBO Members.TOT is only for UP Workers and UP female members. Moreover, there are trainings for Women leaders (Gender, Leadership Development & Women Legal Rights), Imam & Religious Leaders and Village Police.

Output-2 : Village Court in action: All the activities of the project evolve around to make the Village Court activated. If it is done, the village poor people will more be benefited. The success of VC will effect in decreasing the backlog of court cases. The UP Representatives and Staff are directly involved in VC process. They exchange their views in the Sharing Meeting organized for them.

Output-3 : Awareness raising programs: The project organizes Workshop for CBO members, Youth Groups and Community people. The aim is to raise awareness on VC and its procedures among them. Furthermore, Rally, Courtyard Meeting, CBO Meeting and Street Drama are also organized for mass awareness and understanding of the benefits of this judicial system.

Output-4: Involvement of Local administration: The LGD official’s involvement and regular follow-up is essential for the better implementation of the project activities. Responding to this need, the project organizes Upazila Level sensitization Workshops for wider dissemination of Information on Village Court with Judges, Govt official, UNO, MLAPA, LGRD etc. and at the same time holds Bimonthly Meeting with Local LGD & NGO staffs.

Project Budget :
1st Phase : BDT = 217,186,380.00 (Sept.2010 to August 2013)
1st Phase (Ext. Period) : BDT = 7,62,46,847.00 (Sept. 2013 to Nov 2015)

Existing Staffs :
Total Staffs                : 192 Persons : Male 98 (51%)  & Female 94 (49%)
UP level Staffs            : 180 Persons
Upazilla Level staffs   : 11 Persons
Central Level              : 01 Persons
Finance & Technical assistance by:
European Union & UNDP-Bangladesh
Implemented by : LGD, MoLGRD&C, GOB
Partner NGO : Madaripur Legal Aid Asscociation