Justice Reform and Corruption Prevention (JRCP)

Name of the Project : Justice Reform and Corruption Prevent (JRCP) Projec
Goal :

Access to justice increased for empowerment of disadvantaged people, particularly women & children.

Vision :

A just society where rule of law and human rights are upheld.

Mission : MLAA strives to ensure access to justice and human rights for all people irrespective of sex, cast, creed, religion, race through informal justice process and formal justice system.
Objective : Corruption prevention mechanisms are activated through building awareness among people.
Specific objectives :
  • Strengthened and expanded the corruption prevention mechanisms.
  • Enhanced awareness of the people to prevent corruption.
Justification of the Project :


Lack of security is one of the obstacles to enjoy rights and development. The concept of human security has contributed to a better understanding of the relationship between security and development. It is premised on the view citizen’s will be best positioned to participate fully and equally in local or national economic and social development initiatives if they enjoy security in the home, community and work place.  In addition to this, corruption is one of the most alarming factors to enjoy the rights.

This pilot project on ‘Justice Reform and Corruption Prevention (JRCP)’ is a strategy to strengthen criminal justice system and create a social movement against corruption for reducing corruption which will complement to enhance national capacity to prevent corruption. The proposal has been designed for the component of Corruption Prevention part of the whole project.  The main objective of this project is strengthened and expanded corruption prevention mechanisms.

Through different interventions the project will encourage corruption prevention committees (CPC) and community policing forum (CPF) to perform their statuary duties for establishing the rights of the target communities. Even these groups will aware about the root causes of corruption and   with pay special attention on corruption prevention. So, MLAA decided to implement the project to strengthened and expanded corruption prevention mechanisms