Justice for All- Munshiganj

Name of Project : Justice for All- Munshiganj

Competition Reference Number : “Grant Competition “JFA-2015-001-Grants”

Thematic Area : 1. Activation of UZLAC/UPLAC 2. Awareness Raising 3. Community Sensitization

Geographic Coverage : District : Munshiganj, 67 Union Parishad  of  6 Upazillas (Munshiganj Sadar Upazila,  Gazaria Upazila, Lohajang Upazila, , Serajdikhan Upazila, Sreenagar Upazila & Tongibari Upazila.)

Estimated Duration : 18 Months (October 2015-March 2017)

Brief Overview : The formal justice system in Bangladesh is hierarchical, gender biased, expensive, complex, corrupted and time consuming.  As a result, most of citizens of Bangladesh are unable to access justice from formal courts.  Government has enacted Legal Aid Law to improve access to justice and formed different committees from districts to Union level (DLAC, UZLAC & UPLAC) to make it success.  Unfortunately, most of the Committees, especially UZLAC & UPLAC are inactive and when a DLAC is active, the rural people relatively unaware of the program. In order to provide justice through the formal courts, the service provider must know how to access legal aid. Through thirty five years of providing legal representation to the poor, MLAA takes initiative to educate community on legal rights, facilitate to organize effective coordination between judges, police & prisons, meaningful communication between clients and lawyers and assist for collection of evidence & production of witnesses. MLAA has already worked with DLACs, sensitizing the committee to their role and responsibilities and providing concrete guidance on effective service delivery.

In Munshigonj district the poor communities have not easy access to legal rights, non-govt. Legal Aid Services are not well exist, most people are unaware of the govt. legal aid program and UZLACs & UPLACs are fully inactive. The project intents to strengthening the capacity of duty bearers to provide effective and accountable services so that they can provide support for justice seekers and will facilitate to establish a coordination mechanism among DLAC, UZLAC & UPLAC and other stakeholders.. The project also aims to improve the delivery of legal aid services through increase knowledge and demand of community for quality legal services. Through the implementation of the project finally the target groups could be claim their demand for establishing legal rights and DLAC, UZLAC & UPLAC will be well cooperative & coordinated and relevant other service provider will be sensitize and motivated to provide fair and effective services to the poor.

Funds requested from the JFA Program Applicant’s cost share Total cost of proposed project (in Bangladesh Taka) 70,30,135.00